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Vision & Mission

About CILG

In a world that is becoming highly competitive, globalized and sophisticated, it is imperative for countries to have leaders and public sector managers who can not only measure up to the current challenges but also anticipate and prepare for future ones. A leader must have a vision that is common and collective, far-reaching yet 

Vision & Mission

To be the best reference nationally and internationally in producing Committed and Sincere Leaders in different sectors and sphere of life

To train and certify members through education and instruction in fields relating to Leadership

President Message

I am delighted to welcome you to The Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance (CILG) with international experience in education, training and professional qualifications. Today, more than any time, there is a need for a unique educational and professional models that can meet the needs of the leaders generation and also satisfy the standards of international education and skills.

Covid-19 Update

Get information relating to COVID-19, workplace planning guidance, tips on safety, employee policies, legal, leadership matters and more

Membership Grade & Upgrade

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Membership Grade

The CILG grade is open to anyone who has an interest in leadership and governance. Explore our membership grade to learn

Membership Upgrade

As you progress through your career, acquiring new skills, qualifications and experience, you will become eligible for higher grades of CILG membership.